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IEM ConveyingSystemsMaterial flow systems for bulk and piece goods handling

IEM ConveyingSystems

Conveyor Systems and Special Solutions


We specialize in conveyor, transportation and environment technologies. Our service range from consulting and brainstorming to engineering, design and manufacturing. For years, we have been developing technically challenging solutions and handling them from inception. In addition, we offer our after-sales service, training and revamping opportunities.

Logo_IEM_ConveyingSystems_ More about IEM FörderTechnik IEM ConveyingSystems
IEM, located in Germany, designs, engineers and manufactures material handling equipment for bulk materials and piece goods since 1969. These are the core topics at IEM conveyor technology and plant engineering. As a total provider and solution finder for material handling systems we offer economical solutions for specific tasks and technically high-quality process engineering for new plants and conversions.
More about ROS RollenTechnik ROS RollenTechnik GmbH ROS RollenTechnik
Our conveyor rollers are the key to creating a vast range of materials transport and storage systems. Their dimensions and material characteristics (including their surface properties) are precisely tailored to meet each of your materials transport needs. This makes the roller systems from ROS RollenTechnik ideally suited for each application. It also means that we offer a variety of different roller types – heavy-duty conveyor rollers, motorized roller systems and conical load-bearing rollers...
-> ros.eu
IEM Pneumatic Handling Mehr zur IEM PneumaticHandling IEM PneumaticHandling
The sister company of IEM ConveyingSystems is your specialist for pneumatic bulk material conveying technology. We are focused on planning, construction, installation, maintenance and service of bulk material plants, with particular emphasis on pneumatic conveying systems for powdery and granular materials.
iem-ph.eu Pan AC More about PAN AppliedChemistry PAN Applied Chemistry
Our affiliate PAN AC is a specialist for versatile heavy metal precipitating agents, which have been successfully used for more than 25 years in the precipitation and detoxification of heavy metals, whether in the reduction of mercury emissions in flue gas scrubbing of incinerators, in the waste water treatment in the metal processing industry, electroplating, printed circuit board production and the chemical industry. panchemie.com
Quecksilberfrei-MEC More about MEC MercuryEmissionControl
he Mercury Emission Control Department (MEC) deals with questions concerning the measurement of Hg. Learn more about technologies for Hg reduction in flue gas, especially developed for your process. Our R&D department will be pleased to support you with expertise from the evaluation of the actual state to demo-tests with our mobile test equipment at your plant up to the realization of a turnkey large plant. Our team of experts – including Dr. Jan Schütze - will assist you with advice.
MetallTechnik More about ROS MetallTechnik ROS MetallTechnik
ROS MetallTechnik is a certified production company in the corporate context of IEM FörderTechnik. MetallTechnik is your competent partner for metal processing, production of metal parts or contract manufacturing. We offer you a comprehensive portfolio of processing methods for metal with highly qualified personnel and various certificates. Tailor-made, individual solutions for our customers are our specialty. Read more about ROS MeallTechnik.
IEM MetallTechnik
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