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IEM FörderTechnik GmbHProducts and Plant Solutions in
Material Handling Technology

IEM Födertechnik GmbH offers products and services for the implementation and optimization of processes in material handling. For decades, we have been successfully designing, constructing and manufacturing for our customers.

Our major advantage is the connection between process and manufacturing know-how. Whether we are planning a new plant, improving a process or updating your existing technology, we always aim to satisfy our client. All components and systems are state-of-the-art and adapted to new requirements. We value each of our assignments as a sign of trust.

Our Products:

  • Continuous conveyors, such as trough chain conveyors, coal feeders, apron conveyors, conveyor belts, special conveyors, bucket elevators, roller conveyors, screw conveyors, gate valves, double pendulum dampers and more
  • Transport systems such as container transfer systems
  • Special constructions, such as lowering rails, cooling rings and much more


Special Constructions


Bucket Elevators

For continuous vertical transport of fine to coarse-grained, free-flowing to cohesive, as well as poorly flowing bulk materials.


  • High flow rates up to 1,000 t/h or higher output upon request
  • Vertical conveyor lines over 100 meters in space
  • Minimal space requirement
  • Absolutely dustproof, pressure shock resistant, and gas tight
  • Feasible chain bucket elevators for hot goods transport up to 400 ° C
  • Suitable for heavy and abrasive materials
  • Low maintenance
  • Low-noise and product-friendly transport


The IEM bunkers are tailor made for receiving and (intermediate) storage of various bulk materials. The IEM bunkers are designed according to your needs and perfectly matched to the infeed and outfeed conveyors.

Container Transfer Systems

An example of a container transfer system is used in the disposal of the waste. The required transport tasks are handled by means of roll-off containers over driven roller conveyors and transverse transfer tracks. In order for the production process to run smoothly, an empty replacement container is located on the transfer device and would automatically be exchanged for the full container if required – thus, only a small downtime.

Fortunately, even with space problems, the transfer system is suitable for both closed and open top containers. In addition, the filling position can be provided with a weighing device, which will ensure that the containers are not overcrowded.

Ash Removal System /
Wet or Dry Bottom Ash Handling System

The IEM Ash Removal System and Deslagger have been designed for the reliable transport of combustion residues in power plants. Due to their special design, they are particularly suitable for use with secondary fuels. IEM FörderTechnik GmbH provides designs for wet or dry bottom ash handling systems, scraper conveyors or apron conveyors in waste-to-energy plants, EBS power plants, biomass power plants and coal-fired power plants.


  • Conveying speed: from 0.6 to 6 m/ min
  • Throughput: up to 40 t/h

Box Feeders

Box feeders are used in a wide variety of industries, for example, in mining, foundries, steel mills, paper mills, scrap processing, in environmental and recycling plants. If necessary, box feeders can be used with a cleaning device.
The box feeder is used for receiving, purging and metering of biowaste and green waste, organic production residues, waste paper and plastic waste, garbage slag, sludge, tunnel waste, etc.


  • Storage Volume: 1 – 40 m³
  • Belt Widths: 800 – 2.200 mm
  • Delivery Capacity: 0.025 – 10 m/min
  • Discharge Rate: 0.09 – 420 m³/ h

Chain Belt Conveyor

The IEM chain belt conveyors are used for receiving and feeding medium to heavy bulk or general cargo. The chain belt conveyor consists of a transport belt with screwed steel catches, mounted on cylindrical profiles which are located between two bush conveyor chains. The drive sprockets are connected by a shaft and are driven by a geared motor.

The IEM chain belt conveyor is available in multiple kinked versions.

Coal Feeder

Used for transporting lignite and hard coal in power plants for mill feeding. The coal feeder is usually connected directly via a coal chute to the coal bunker with a rectangular outlet. Between the coal chute and the bunker outlet, a flat needle valve can be arranged as a shut-off.


  • Throughput up to 150 t/h
  • Reduced pressure shock resistant in accordance with requirements


Mixing Screw Conveyor

Depending on the equipment, the mixing screw conveyor comes with various mixing tools in different industries, also may be used as a wetting screw. The following applications are possible:

  • Mixing of dust, granules, powders, sludge and problematic substances, also in ATEX version
  • Horizontal and oblique arrangement


  • Absolutely dustproof, pressure shock resistant (as specified) and gas-tight
  • Self-cleaning screws for caking and pasty substance
  • Can be produced in special materials, lined
  • Minimal space needed
  • Low-noise material transport
  • Low maintenance

Troughed Belt Conveyor

The IEM troughed belt conveyors are often used for large flow rates that have to be transported over a long distance. The 2- or 3-part beaded belts are mainly suitable for heavy bulk goods with high throughputs. IEM combines the system with catwalks and strap bridges and offers them with irrigation, completely cased and de-dusted. The fields of application are the transport of minerals, such as coal, ores, slags, residues, sugar or beets, sewage sludge, foundry sands, recycling products, and alloying agents.

Reciprocating / Wide Belt Conveyors

The reciprocating conveyor adapts to the speed of the wide belt material conveyor and returns the defined amount of material in accordance with the desired layer height during the return movement of the carriage. During the extension movement no material is relinquished, as the belt speed of the reciprocating conveyor = extension speed. This procedure is recommended to ensure a consistent feed.


  • Wide Belt Throughput up to 1,300 t/h
  • Belt width up to 5,500 mm
  • Reciprocating Throughput up to 1,300 t/h

Roller Conveyors

For the in-house transport of light to heavy general cargo, such as feed and discharge tracks on machines and systems. Available as a driven roller conveyor, non-driven roller conveyor and curved track.


Screw Conveyors

IEM screw conveyors are used in the basic industry and power plants for sludge and ash transport. They are ruggedly designed for load-intensive continuous operation. IEM screw conveyors have been successfully successfully for decades to convey powdery, granular and semi-wet bulk material. In addition, they are also available in pressure shock resistant and in the ATEX version. The type of screw is possible – in accordance with requirements – as trough or pipe screw.


  • Flow Rates up to 1,400 m³/h
  • Conveyor Length: up to 6 m/unit
  • Conveying Speed: 0.05 – 1.5 m/sec.
  • Diameter: 160 – 800 mm

Steel Plate Conveyors

For use in mining, foundries, steel mills, metal processing, paper mills, building materials industry, glass industry, scrap processing, environmental and recycling industry. Due to the robust design, heavy materials such as stones, mixed construction waste, bulky waste, industrial waste, etc. can be dealt with.


  • Band Width up to 3,000 mm

Trough Chain Conveyors

Trough chain conveyors are suitable for dust, ash, slag conveying, sewage sludge conveying, chip transport, and wood chips. Trough chain conveyors are continuous conveyors that transport bulk material horizontally, vertically or diagonally in troughs using single or double-stranded conveyor chains. IEM trough chain conveyors transport largely non-caked bulk goods. They operate dust-free, are environmentally-friendly and gas-tight and designed as shockproof and in the ATEX range. Their main advantage is the low space requirement with high flow rate.


  • Widths of 140 – 2,400 mm
  • Conveying Speed 0.01 – 0.6 m/sec.
  • Delivery Rate up to 1,000 m³/h
  • Grain Size from 0 – 300mm

Corrugated Belt Conveyors

IEM corrugated belt conveyors support your daily tasks in the transport of minerals, coal, iron, recycled material, alloys, metallurgical additives. They are suitable for vertical and horizontal conveying (also in combination), offer solutions for angular misalignment in curved conveyors, and are low-noise in operation.


  • Belt Width: 400 – 1,600mm
  • Delivery Rate: 10 – 2,000m³/h
  • Gradient: Up to 90°
  • Come in Various Shapes – S-shaped, L-shaped, C-shaped

Special Constructions

Lowering Rails

In rotating sinter coolers, sintered material is moved on a dolly in a closed circle. In continuous operation, the cars are driven over the lowering rails at the end of the cooling section and emptied. The highest accuracy and durability are required for this application. The complex geometries of the rails are produced in a multi-stage forming process.

Swing Chutes

For uniform filling of containers and other storage units, IEM swing chutes are available. Each IEM swing chute can be adapted to local conditions and operated manually, electrically, pneumatically or hydraulically.

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