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The Mercury Emission Control Department (MEC) deals with questions concerning the measurement of Hg. Learn more about technologies for Hg reduction in flue gas, especially developed for your process.

Our R&D department will be pleased to support you with expertise from the evaluation of the actual state to demo-tests with our mobile test equipment at your plant up to the realization of a turnkey large plant.

In this blog you will find the latest news about our research in mercury.

Our team of experts – including Dr. Jan Schütze – will assist you with advice.
3D-Animation Kraftwerk Schkopau
3D-Animation Kraftwerk Schkopau
MercuryEmissionControl (MEC) Is The R&D Department Of IEM FörderTechnik GmbH And Deals With Questions Concerning The Measurement Of Hg As Well As With Technologies For Hg Reduction In Flue Gas That Have Been Specially Developed For Your Process.

Quecksilber, das flüssige Metall

Steckt einfach mal den Finger rein! Der YouTuber NileRed stellt Experimente mit Quecksilber vor, die man besser nicht nachmachen sollte. Er zeigt das giftige Element aber auch von seiner nützlichen Seite vor - und von seiner sonderbar schönen.

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