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Mercury Emission Control Department (MEC) is about questions concerning the measurement of Hg as well as with technologies for Hg reduction in the flue gas that have been specially developed for your process.

Waderbett-Technologie MEC Mercury Emissioncontrol von IEM FörderTechnik

Wanderbett zur Hg-Oxidation

Der Kraftwerksstandort Schkopau wird aktuell mit der neuen Wanderbetttechnologie ausgerüstet. Der Umbau findet hierzu direkt an der Abströmseite des Elektrofilter statt. Eine schmale Schüttung mit katalytisch aktiven Material „wandert“ durch die Schwerkraft vom EF-Dach in Richtung -boden. Das Abgas muss…

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Wonderbed – new mobile test station

Since September 2021, a new test stand will complement the IEM test portfolio for the reduction of Hg emissions. A mobile test stand was manufactured to familiarize with the moving bed technology and to pre-select suitable materials for the moving…

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New solution approach for high Hg deposition rates

Preparing for stricter emissions limit

Since August 2018, stricter mercury emission limits (range 1-7 µg/Nm³) are expected for coal combustion from the implementation of the BREF documents into German law. If the lower limits are pushed, this will be associated with capture rates of 80-95%…

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Dr. Jan Schütze, MercuryEmissionControl

How to Eliminate Mercury in Transit

Dr. Jan Schütze is head of the Mercury Emissions Control Department at IEM. He is one of the few experts in the field of mercury removal in power plants. In this interview, he talks about his vision: to reduce the…

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“Doing good and talking about it.”

At the power plant in Schkopau, IEM ConveyingSystems is building a complex cleaning system that will remove mercury from the exhaust gases by means of activated carbon. In an interview, Ralf Zander (CEO) explains why he doesn't believe much in…

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